“I originally thought ignorance is bliss but actually I now think it is better to be fully aware of worst /best case scenario and all the different things that could happen.” Emma, 29
“Loved the concept of having a medical professional and a real mum.” Samara, 38
“Clear, truthful, personal and so great to have such fantastic medical knowledge available so that all questions could be answered rather than being told to contact your GP!” Joanna, 32
“I am really happy you covered everything that could happen and didn’t promote only being an “earth mother”. Having a duo of Roger covering the medical stuff and Becca doing the practical parenting stuff was key.” Alia, 41
“I think it was brilliant, there was enough both for women and partners and a good balance between emotional, practical and medical information.”Scott,39
“Useful, well-informed and presented in a way that was reassuring and informative for us. We particularly appreciated that you did not skirt issues that are delicate or awkward. We appreciated the direct approach!”Evangeline, 35
“Love the no nonsense approach and that all areas where covered from birth a medical and practical point of view.” David, 45