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Nobody Told Me About Postnatal Night Sweats

Nobody Told Me About…Night Sweats

Yuck, the night sweats are horrible!  Unfortunately over-flowing breastpads and leaky sanitary towels aren’t the only fluids you need to worry about spoiling the bedsheets during the first months of motherhood.  Nobody tells you about the fact that thanks to those pesky things called hormones and the effects of breastfeeding, you may well wake up in the night drenched in what can only be described as a bath of your own sweat.  It does wonders for the sex life (what sex life?!).  And god forbid you have a summer baby!  Arrrgghh!

It is not pleasant, it is not sexy and nobody prepares you for it.  It’s not exactly a hot topic of conversation at dinner parties!  In fact some people, including medical professionals, look at you quite blankly when you try to explain.  But rest assured you are not alone in feeling like you’ve just completed a 10 rounds of an Insanity workout in the middle of the night!  

What Can I do About Night Sweats?

From midnight showers to ice packs, here’s some top tips from mums who have been there, done that, and got the sweat drenched t-shirt!

  • Tea tree oil-  the only thing that stopped me stinking of sweat for months after!
  • Towels on the bed every single night.  A quick shower (at the very ‘relaxing’ 3am feeding, of course) before breastfeeding my baby because I couldn’t stand all the sweat.
  • Strangely only my legs used to sweat so I used to sleep on a towel.
  • Sleep with the bedroom window open or buy a fan!
  • I froze some breast pads (even though it was Winter!!).  They helped a lot.
  • Ice packs! The ones you use for picnics! 
  • If your partner is in the bed too, separate duvets can really help so you can control your own temperature in the night.
  • And our personal favourite…Treat yourself to a post pregnancy massage!  Apparently massage helps you to pee out the extra fluid rather than sweat it out and really helps with aches and pains from delivery and breastfeeding.

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