Finding Your New Normal

Finding Your New Normal In the Postnatal Period

After having a baby you may feel that things are different and that finding your “New Normal” is often an essential part of the Postnatal period.

We love the phrase “New Normal”. We think it is a fantastic way of describing some of the changes that occur physically and mentally when you become a mother. Even if you are back in your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans the next week, training for a half marathon at 6 weeks, and back at your desk at 6 months…some things will be forever different!

Finding Your New Normal

Physical and Mental Changes

Physically, whether it’s a wobbly tummy, smaller boobs, saggier fanny, varicose veins, stretch marks, or Mentally whether it’s anxiety, PTSD, a new approach to life and it’s challenges, a change in priorities, a new level of happiness, a different relationship with your partner or your own parents, whether it’s all of the above or none of the above, you do not complete the journey to becoming a mother unscathed!!!

We asked the A Mother Place Community about their postnatal experiences and finding their “New Normal” and here we give you a rundown of the best chat!

“Tired But Happy”

A common theme is feeling permanently tired and frustrated – but happily never far away from a lovely cuddle!

“Listening and Laughing”

Many mums say that it took them a long time to make peace with the “new me” but on the way they were happy to discover skills they never knew they had- being more patient than they thought they would be- being a good listener and a good laugher too!

Opening yourself up to being silly and loosening up- and acting in a way that you would never have done before- this is so true!

“Stronger and more Emotional”

Some reported feeling stronger, physically and mentally after becoming a mum! And more tired…did we mention that already??

Feeling more emotional is a frequent observation – crying at adverts and silly things on the TV.

“Physically Changed But Who Cares?”

You learn to accept that your body may never be the same but that it doesn’t even matter because it has done an amazing thing. Sure your boobs may no longer be as pert as they once were and your stretch marks may not be fading as fast you had hoped, but when you look at your baby this all pales into insignificance.

“You are Not Alone”

So as you can see, whether it’s your body or your mind that is slightly altered, coming to terms with it and knowing that others are going through the same thing really helps.

If you want to start your journey through Parenthood armed with all the facts and full of confidence for the time ahead, make sure you do our Online Antenatal Classes.