Woman cluster feeding/breastfeeding a baby

Cluster Feeding

Nobody Told Me About…Cluster Feeding

Now, whilst lounging on your sofa for hours on end might seem like luxury for some, we have known so many mums who have struggled with cluster feeding and we know just how tough it is.

Unfortunately, nobody tells you that it is totally normal for your baby to be stuck to you like a limpet for literally hours upon hours upon hours…yes really!  Where does such a small person get such a big appetite?  All they do all day is sleep (and eat of course!).  

Woman cluster feeding/breastfeeding a babyImage by Emily Manos Photography

We asked the wise women of Instagram how they got through these marathon feeding sessions and here is what they had to say…

Netflix and snacks and repeat!  

Make sure you have gallons of water, kilograms of biscuits and hours of Netflix .

Get comfy with plenty of water and snacks on tap and keep going.

Chocolate Hobnobs and Orange is the New Black – I had to stop watching Breaking Bad when I was breastfeeding as I found it too upsetting! 

Every season of the Gilmore Girls.  I was too emotional for anything serious so this was perfect!

Super boobies!

It is just amazing to think that your body can give your baby everything it needs. It is so hard, physically and emotionally at the start but I am over the worst and so pleased.

Trust your Instincts

A friend told me I should only be feeding once every three hours.  My baby wanted to feed non stop every evening from 5-9pm and I thought something was wrong with me or with him but I trusted my instinct and kept going.

Savour the Cuddles Whilst Cluster Feeding!

Some people get frustrated by cluster feeding, but I loved  sitting on the sofa for hours…my partner would bring me food and drinks and the remote control or a book and it was actually so blissful!  I miss those days!

I found it annoying being stuck to the sofa and now wish I had relaxed and enjoyed it all more! There is no time to sit and relax now!

It is a great time for just being with your baby and bonding.  Make sure you have some delicious treats! 

I wish I had forced myself to chill out and enjoy it more.

And our mantra

‘Everything is a phase’.  Don’t despair, you are doing so well!

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