Nobody Tells You…

100 Truths about pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Who is the book for?

“Nobody Tells You…” is the book that all new parents need.  It is the book you wish you had read when you first saw those two blue lines on your pregnancy test!  It is the book you want when you are glued to the sofa feeding your baby. It is the one you buy your best friend when she announces her pregnancy. It is the book she refers to time and time again as her pregnancy progresses and as she brings her baby home for the first time.  It’s the book that her partner, to his surprise, enjoys reading and recommends to his friends.  It’s the book that you can rely upon to let you know about all the things that “Nobody Tells You.” 

Why Do You Need The Book?

“Women and their partners who are not well prepared for their birth or for the postnatal period can find it incredibly tough, mentally and practically.  It is so important to have realistic expectations so that the physical and emotional changes that so often go hand in hand with parenthood do not feel like a nasty shock.   We are passionate about providing honest, reliable and evidence-based information for pregnancy, birth and what comes after.”

Becca Maberly

What’s inside the book?

  • 100 stories ranging from conception right through to going back to work, and everything in between
  • Each topic is covered by a story and photo from a real person, highlighting a subject that nobody told them about
  • Every story is accompanied by a passage from an expert clarifying any issues surrounding the subject and offering practical advice and reassurance that what you are experiencing is normal
  • There is no scaremongering and no sugar coating, just practical and expert advice delivered with positivity and good dose of humour! 

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