Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips


Here are some tips that we have collected from talking to mothers who have been through it before you.


Staying Comfortable


  • You do not need to waddle when you are pregnant. If you actually think about it whilst you are walking, you will find that you can walk relatively normally.
  • If you hold your stomach muscles in and concentrate whenever you are standing you find that this forces you to straighten up and will stop you from arching your back – this can stop it aching and can make you look about 1 month less pregnant!
  • Continue doing everything as normal until you feel you cant any longer.
  • Get a yoga/balance ball.  Its great for when you feel big and uncomfortable and slumping on the sofa no longer feels good.
Balance Ball, more comfy than the sofa when you are heavily pregnant and great during labour.


  • For morning sickness- try cold tangerines or satsumas.
  • Nairns Ginger Oat cakes can really help with nausea, keep a few by the bed.
  • Fybogel is brilliant for constipation.  It takes a day or two to kick in and work, but it helped to keep me regular throughout my pregnancy.  Do not pay for it, get it on prescription.
  • If you want to change hospitals for any reason, this is normally fine.  Just chat to the new hospital you wish to move to and they will help you make the change.
  • Buy a waterproof mattress for the baby, but put it under your side of the bed towards the end of your pregnancy so your mattress does not get ruined if your waters break in bed!  You can now get nice towelling ones instead of the sweaty plastic ones.
Towelling Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you are Pregnant and working


  • If you use public transport, get a “Baby on Board” badge, it can score you a seat some mornings.
  • If you feel sick or tired on the bus, train or tube, do not be embarrassed to ask for a seat.  People may not realize you are pregnant or they may be too busy reading their paper to notice you.
  • Many of the train companies offer a free upgrade to First Class to Pregnant women.  You often have to be a season ticket holder- check online to see if your train company offers this.
  • Maternity clothes are expensive and often not as nice as normal clothes.  H and M do great long vests to pull over your bump and many of their non-maternity tops and dresses are stretchy and great for wearing whilst pregnant. Topshop and ASOS are also good.
  • If you have to wear a suit to work, then you might need to spend a bit more.  Seraphine is much cheaper than Isabelle Oliver.
Renee Dress in Black by Seraphine
  • One high flying city girl we know had 4 skirts with ever bigger waistlines made for her City Suits, so that when she grew out of one,  she just went on to the next size.