Post Natal Tips

Post Natal Tips


Here are some tips that we have collected from talking to mothers who have been through it before you.


  • Eat 2 kiwi fruit when you have given birth, they are a natural laxative and this will ensure that your first poo, after the birth, will not be too painful or difficult.
  • No-one told me how much you can bleed after the birth.  Don’t be shocked if you have gross chunks of blood for the first few days.
  • Tea-tree oil and/or lavender oil in the bath can feel really soothing and helps to heal and cuts or tears down below.  Some swear by sea salt dissolved in the bathwater.
  • Get some good maternity sanitary towels.  Some of the supermarket and chemist brands are very plasticky and sweaty.  When the bleeding has slowed down you can use ordinary heavy flow sanitary towels.  We like these ones.  Optima Sanitary Towels
  • These knickers were so much nicer than ordinary knickers as they let you “breathe” down there and don’t get too hot and sweaty at nighttime. J Cloth Knickers.
  • Get out and about as soon as you can, but don’t over do it.  And don’t be embarrassed to say no to visitors or turf people out of your house so you can have a sleep.  Make the most of your husbands Paternity leave, and try and keep all the well wishers at bay until he has gone back to work, you’ll be glad of the company then,  but make sure that you exploit your visitors for all they’re worth.   Get them to make the tea/coffee/bring the biscuits/hang out the washing/look after the baby while you wash your hair or grab a power nap.
  • Most first time mothers feel nervous about leaving the house for the first time- just bite the bullet and do it.  It doesn’t matter if the baby screams, a baby never died of screaming and people will not stare at you or think you are a bad mother.
  • When your midwife comes to visit, it can be helpful if you have a list of questions for her as she may be in a hurry and keen to sign you off.
  • You do not always need to wait for 6 weeks to drive after a Caesarean Section- if you feel you can drive after 4 weeks then go and see your doctor and if he says it is ok then you are fine to drive.  You must also consult with your insurance company and let them know your doctor has signed you off early.
  • If your stitches are not healing or are not healing properly then tell your doctor.  You may need some further treatment and someone women do not get this soon enough as they are too busy or too shy to go to doctor.

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