Interview with Carol Smillie

What was your favourite part of being pregnant?

Watching the changes in my body in amazement! I also loved the little kicks towards the end, making it feel so much more real!

The lovely Carole Smillie

The lovely Carol Smillie

What was the worst part about being pregnant?

Varicoise veins! and I didn’t like random strangers touching my bump…:(

Did you have any strange cravings or aversions?

No,not really, I did start doing the whole ‘nesting’ thing towards the end, cleaning out cupboards etc

Did you find out the sex of your baby before the birth? If so, why?

By number three, yes, I did want to know, mostly to prepare the way for the other two kids, and to make sure we re-used the right stuff! (we already had a girl and a boy by then)

Did you get the birth that you wanted?

Absolutely. I was seasoned professional by then! I was induced and knew exactly what was going on. I even asked for a mirror for the last bit. I was fed up being the floorshow and not getting to see the best part…it was amazing!

What are your overriding feelings about the birth?

It was fine. As a woman with the lowest pain threshold in the world, I can honestly say I snoozed though quite a lot of it, thanks to that epidural!

Did anything shock or surprise you about  the pregnancy, birth or after? Is there something you wish someone had told you?

Yes!! Nobody really tells you about the need for pads afterwards. They don’t show that stuff in the movies. That is one of the reasons we (Tennis Star Annabel Croft) started DiaryDoll, soft and pretty pants with a secret waterproof layer, to protect from leaks. I hated the paper pants, they didn’t exactly make me feel loved.

to protect against embarrassing leaks.

to protect against embarrassing leaks.

For Heavy Periods and Post Natal Incontinence

For Heavy Periods and Post Natal Incontinence

How much weight did you gain, and did you find it easy to lose?

Now this part I am a bit hazy on. The weight gain was perfectly normal, but losing it first time was easy, I just pinged back! but I must admit, it did become harder with each pregnancy.

Did you exercise during the pregnancy?

Only on the third one. Anyone who knows me well, also knows my aversion to exercise! On the third pregnancy, I was approached by a publisher, asking me to to  pre and post natal fitness video. I knew it would be a good discipline to make sure I stuck to it. I exercised all the way through and can honestly say the difference was incredible. My recovery was so much quicker and physically, I felt as if I had borrowed the baby 2 weeks later! We shot a Changing Rooms programme when I was 6/7 months in a lighthouse, and I was up and down those many stairs without even being out of breath. We even did the opening of the show in a helicopter with the doors off, and I has strapped to the ceiling hanging out the side!

Carol and her business Partner Annabel Croft

Has my body changed in a way you dislike and do you want to do anything about it?

There will always be battle scars, even although nobody can see them. I still have the remnants of those veins,(although I have had some treatments to remove the worst of them) and there’s a clubby bit of muffin-top I’d rather not have, but I’d do it all over again if I was 25!

Did you attend any ante natal classes and were your thoughts on them?

No I didn’t. I thought they were a load of mamby-pamby nonsense, and chose to swerve them.

Do you have one piece of advice you would pass on to a pregnant pal?

Take all the pain relief offered and don’t be a ‘good girl’ not wishing to bother anyone!! and don’t listen to any horror stories, if it was really that bad, nobody would do it, never mind do it several times!

Make sure you are utterly selfish when the baby comes and let everyone else make the tea/ cook a meal/whatever

Any fashion or beauty tips to share during pregnancy?

I wish there had been the clever drapey fashion around when I was pregnant that there is now. Avoid baggy shapeless stuff, it only makes you look even bigger. Go for stretchy dresses, and one good pair of maternity jeans. Wear heels on a night out, it makes you feel and look a million dollars. You’re pregnant, not fat!

Diary Doll -for Heavy Periods of Postnatal Leaks

Diary Doll -for Heavy Periods or Postnatal Leaks