Interview with Anna Tizard from Tiba & Marl

We chatted to the lovely Anna Tizard who is the co-founder of TIBA & MARL – who make THE COOLEST Baby Change Bags around!

What was your favourite part of being pregnant?

I loved the excitement of knowing I was going to have my very own baby!! I loved my tummy growing, and weirdly I also loved the (superficial i know!) challenge of trying to still wear nice clothes, and try to style out the bump (I worked in a fashion office – I wouldn’t just wear leggings!!)

What was the worst bit about being pregnant?

I’m pretty sure 99% of woman would say the morning sickness in the first 3 months – having to discreetly (silently!) vom into the disgusting and dirty work loo’s was a low light!!

Did you develop any strange cravings or strong aversions to anything?

I developed an aversion to exercise, fruit and fish!!! Not the healthiest things to suddenly become repulsed by!! During the first 3 months I pretty much lived off beige foods (bread/ cheese/ crisps) – obviously I don’t endorse this – but my two babies came out ok despite this!!

Did you find out the sex of your baby before the birth?

YES!!! I just don’t know how anyone could NOT find out the sex – we named our first son when I was still pregnant, so as soon as he came out it was like ‘Hi Raf!’ 

Would you say that you got the birth that you wanted?

I’ve never managed a water birth (as hoped), as my births have been too quick (I shouldn’t complain!!). My second birth was so quick its written in the hospital notes as ‘Duration: 3 minutes’!!! We’d just arrived in hospital and my husband went into the corridor to get me a glass of water and when he walked back into the room I had given birth in my trousers and the midwife was trying to fish the baby out!! I still wear those trousers sometimes!!!!

What are your overriding feelings about the birth?  

I was scared before my first birth – fear of the unexpected – and I think hypnobirthng really helped me calm down. In the weeks before my second birth I got the fear a little, but I was so busy with my toddler that I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it. I’m TOTALLY not scared off birth now and I view it as one of the most privileged part of being a woman: to have that incredible, intense experience. I’d do it again tomorrow!!

Did anything shock or surprise you about pregnancy, birth or after? Is there something you wish that someone had told you?

Hmmm – really silly – but with my first baby I had no comfy, lounge-y clothes and I came home from hospital with only things like skinny jeans and leather trousers to wear! I sorted it out for my second by getting loads of nice comfy things from Cos – silly I know but it does help feeling comfortable after!

How much weight did you gain and did you find it easy to lose?

I was at my skinniest before I had my first son, and was really into long distance running and eating healthily, so I put on a lot of weight with him! Probably about 2.5 stone. It took a while to go – and it wasn’t until I gave up breast feeding and went back to work that I shifted most of it. With my second pregnancy it’s probably taken about 9 months to loose. I’m still breastfeeding (he’s 10 months now) so I’m hoping i loose a little more when I stop. 

Did you exercise during your pregnancy?

Not really – I just felt really weird when I exercised and just panicked that I was doing the baby harm – so I just did a lot of walking, maybe a bit of swimming, but no running/ spinning. I always thought I would exercise all the way through – but also I was working full time and so tired that it was just the last thing i felt like doing..

Has your body changed in ways that you dislike?  If so, do you want to do anything about this?

It hasn’t been too bad – I luckily avoided stretch marks. My boobs have had a bit of a battering with two hungry babies – but they are just about acceptable (I hope!). I think its my mind thats changed the most and the way I think about things – I’m a lot more relaxed about my body now, and I’m normally too tired to think about my body too much!!

Did you attend any antenatal classes and what were your thoughts on them?

I did NCT, and made a great friend – so I was pleased with that, but Idid find the information a little basic. Would have loved to have had something like Your Classes when I had my first baby.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to a pregnant friend?

Just to enjoy it, the time passes really quickly. And don’t be scared about birth – the feeling you get when your baby arrives is amazing – if you could bottle that feeling you’d make millions!! 

Do you have any fashion or beauty tips to share with other pregnant women?

OBVIOUSLY a Tiba + Marl bag 🙂 the ‘RAF’ holdall makes an amazing hospital bag (remember to pack it full of snacks and treats – jaffa cakes were a lifesaver in the hours after birth!). Maternity clothes-wise, my go to’s were Topshop and J Brand maternity jeans, Cos skinny leather leggings that I rolled down at the waist when I got bigger. Topshop Boutique had a lots of cool baggy items that worked with a bump. And my friend Polly has a great website called ‘Just Polly’ = maternity clothing made in the UK, def worth checking out. 

Anna McDonald (Tizard)