Feeding Tips

Feeding Tips


Here are some tips that we have collected from talking to mothers who have been through it before you.

  • Stock up on some DVD box sets to watch whilst you are breastfeeding.
  • You have to have a smart phone- breastfeeding can take so long and be so boring especially in the middle of the night.  Its great to be able to message other mothers you know who are awake or trawl Facebook or the Daily Mail website!
  • In the early days of breastfeeding when your breasts are tender and can become engorged with milk- keep a Savoy cabbage in the fridge. Each leaf is the perfect shape to fit one breast and helps cool them down when they become uncomfortable. The leaves fit perfectly inside a bra- like your very own natural ice pack!
  • We LOVE this hot/cold Breast Nurse gel pack to help with the pain of Engorgement or Mastistis
Breast Nurse, hot, cold gel pads.


  • Get a breastfeeding pillow or find a good cushion so you can get the baby in the right position for feeding.
  • A simple V shaped Pillow is perfect for propping you or the baby up whilst you breastfeed
V Shaped Pillow
  • Get a poncho or cape if you are shy about breastfeeding in public.  We love LOVE MOLLY Cashmere Wraps – and they are great to wear whilst pregnant too!
  • Have a little bag prepared with all you want in it for when you are breast feeding, as you will be stuck to the sofa/chair, otherwise you find yourself constantly asking people to pass you things, or if you are on your own you be willing for the remote control to move on its own!  Ideas would be:  Water, book and pen or download app for breast feeding, cereal bar/snack, remote control, magazine, watch/clock/timer, phone, muslin, breast pads, breast feeding book
  • The book “What to Expect when you are Breastfeeding” by Clare Byam Cook was a lifesaver and I have recommended it to so many friends.  She covers every eventuality in a really down to earth and non-patronising tone and also offers great advice on what to do if you are really struggling.
  • Milk Matters is a great online resource for up-to-date and evidence-based breastfeeding advice.


  • You can not have enough snacks ready…breast feeding makes you starving.  My favourite was flapjacks (oats are apparently good for breast milk production) and cooked chicken. I would do an online shop with your supermarket in advance of the birth and then you can then just book a delivery as your favourite items will already saved to your shopping cart.


  • Get food that you can eat with one hand!  Pieces of cheese, like Mini Babybel are great for stuffing in your mouth when you don’t have time to make yourself lunch!
  • Try and master the art of breastfeeding lying down! It is great for night time feeds!


  • Protein and Sleep are great for your milk supply.  If you are worried you have low supply, then 2 boiled eggs and an hours sleep whilst your partner takes the baby out and you will feel amazing and have full boobs again!


  • Don’t feel bad about enjoying a glass of wine after breastfeeding the baby.  If it helps you to relax it can be very beneficial, my doctor told me, a happy mother is necessary for a happy baby.  By the time the baby needs feeding again the alcohol will have gone from your system.
  • Expressing

  • Some Health Visitors seem to think you should wait until 6 weeks before beginning to express.  However I started the first week and it meant that very soon my husband was able to do one night feed, giving me some extra sleep.
  • Give the baby a bottle (of expressed milk or formula) before 6 weeks and continue to give one every few days or every day.  I have friends who didn’t do this and when they wanted to give up breastfeeding the baby refused to take a bottle.
  • If you are trying to build up a stash for the freezer, (perhaps you have a night out planned) do not worry if this seems impossible as the baby drinks everything you pump, one time he will sleep through a feed and you can pump then and store this!


  • Medela is a the best brand of pump in our opinion -the quietest and most efficient on the market, and believe us when we say that efficiency and quietness will be of paramount importance when you have a new baby!  We know so many mothers who have initially bought the cheaper brands and been disappointed and have then gone on to buy the Medela.  If you do not want to buy a pump, or you want to do some serious/exclusive pumping then you can hire a hospital grade double pump via Medela.  Call  0161 776 0400 to get details on how to rent a machine near you.

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