Birth Story- Hattie Mauleverer Jones

Birth Story- Hattie Mauleverer Jones  – Managing Director Top Hat Catering

3 days late and I was getting frustrated, I had given my self a funny mouth by eating a whole pineapple, had accupucture and the baby hadn’t moved.  On Sunday afternoon my husband and went for a 5 mile walk up a super steep hill. Supper and then early to bed.  Just as M turned off his light around midtnight I felt/heard a pop. Leaping out of bed the fastest a heavily pregnant woman with SPD could, I stood in the shower whilst my waters broke. M called the hospital and we got ready to head in.  No contractions yet.  I was violently shaking, most probably with nerves as no idea what was to come, but aside from that pretty calm.  My motto was – if my best friend can do then so can I!

On arriving at the birthing suite we had to wait for ages to be let in, it was a busy night.  Still no contraction, 1 hour after my waters broke.  Waiting also was girl was also in labour with heavy contractions and so obviously uncomfortable,  I didn’t want that pain.

Once through they found I was only 3 cm dilated and wanted to send me home.  Living half hour away at bottom of hill at beginning of snowstorm in January, home wasn’t an option. So instead we walked around every level of the hospital, had some food, before we were assigned a room to try and get some sleep.  We stayed there for 4 hours whilst I had gentle contractions. M slept.   I am a very impatient person and the waiting was agonising.


In Labour


I put the tens machine on around 5 am, it helped so much with the growing  pains of labour.  By 8am I was officially in labour and went back to the birthing suite.  I was adamant I wanted a water birth with only gas and air.  Until that was available I used a tens machine and the ropes in the room, my husband and I also sang badly.  He kept trying to make jokes after each contraction to distract me.

When the water was ready it was scary taking off the tens machine but such a relief to get in the water.   By the time I had got into the pool I was in my second stage of labour and was only allowed in the pool for 2 hours max.  I couldn’t see how I was going to be in more than 1/2 hour as the midwife said I was doing great.  I had 2 amazing midwives – Jane and Kat – Kat was a trainee and she held my hand whilst I tried the gas and air, my husband counting my contractions – 50 seconds with a 3 minute break – I was lucky!

Then I had the biggest fear of pooing and getting piles and the pushing went to pot.  I couldn’t focus.  I did my hypno-birthing which was a fantastic distraction but I couldn’t get my head around it.   Cara Emerald and Pink Martini also couldn’t persuade me to focus on pushing properly! After 2 hours I had to get out of the pool and was going to be taken to the maternity ward – 2 contractions when I couldn’t push  as I was in a wheel chair being moved and then I go onto the bed and she popped out.  I just needed a change of scenery and a distraction from my fear of piles!

All in all it was a really positive experience.  even though I was badly torn and needed an operation and getting piles.  My midwife Kat was a god send.  M was fantastic and was beyond brilliant – but when I had to go through to my operation Kat stayed with me – when M left to get some well earned rest before we headed home the next day – she came to see me and was my first visitor the next day.

1 day old

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