What Cosmetics are Safe to use when Pregnant?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been reading up on the various ingredients found in cosmetic products that should be avoided. Even my most basic products such as those from the brand ‘Simple’ seem to have at least one ingredient that should be avoided. Is this scaremongering or should all these ingredients genuinely be avoided? I feel really confused and worried about harming my baby.


I am unaware of any cosmetic preparations that are unsafe to be used in pregnancy. 

A recent study of the literature fails to demonstrate any significant risks associated with the normal use of Cosmetic products.

When used in an appropriate manner, minimal amounts of ingredients enter the blood stream.  Measured levels of certain potentially harmful products , such as Phthalates, Hydroquinone, Tritinoin are so low as to be insignificant, and currently there is no evidence that they are associated with any increased risk of birth defects or adverse outcomes, when used as Cosmetics.

The reason for the scaremongering, is that if ingested in early pregnancy (ie eaten or taken as drugs/tablets), some of these compounds can be associated with extra risks for the baby.

For this reason, the manufacturers will cover themselves legally with a health warning. None of these companies could ever be able to perform a long term study to confirm the safety of their products, so these warnings are, sadly , all too frequent.

So I think you may safely continue to look after your skin in the normal way.

Please come back to us if this answer is not helpful, or if there are special circumstance that apply.