Trying to Conceive after a Miscarriage – Should I wait for my period?

I had an ERPC 3 weeks ago today.  I am 36, feel fine physically and emotionally ok.  And I’m ovulating.  My husband and I don’t want to wait for my period to try again.  Given I feel ok, can we just try?

My understanding is the only reason to wait for the period is to date the pregnancy but I know the ovulation date so that’s not a problem.  I could of course have retained some tissue but bleeding stopped a couple of days after op.  Can we just go ahead and try?

Plenty of forums seem to be saying that’s what people have done and it’s been fine. It seems to me doctors just say to wait to cover their backs in case women are physically or emotionally not ready.  Is there an increased risk I will miscarry if I try when I’m ovulating before first period, given I know dates, or should I wait? 

Do I have to wait until my next period?

Do I have to wait until my next period?

I think that evidence suggests best outcome is to wait for at least one normal period


This suggests that it’s better to be sure the lining of the womb has recovered from the trauma of a surgical procedure and that there is no damage or adhesions and no further retained products

And fertility is not just about eggs and sperm getting together

The lining of the womb needs to be properly prepared .

It’s good that you are fully motivated and appear to have recovered well both physically and psychologically

It’s better to wait as you are more likely to be successful !

Good luck

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