Roger Marwood and Becca Maberly

Scared I May have contracted Zika Virus

Roger Marwood and Becca Maberly

I am 17 weeks pregnant and all is going well.

Unfortunately I spent Christmas in Barbados which has been confirmed as a Zika location.

Although there is relatively little information on the subject, I understand that additional scans to monitor the babies head growth may be beneficial and probably more importantly stop me worrying.. I had a routine appointment with the midwife this week but she did not know about the virus.

I wondered what the best way to get additional scans would be. I’m happy to go private if required.


It must be a worry , but help is available.  Many units have guidelines for supporting pregnant women and their partners, who may have recently visited a country affected by possible Zika virus .

An early scan and a blood test will be helpful and you should contact your midwife team and ask to be referred for investigation . You should be able to get this organised on the NHS.  If not any private Obstetrician would be ale to help.

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