Pregnancy after an Abortion

Due to very unfortunate personal circumstances I sadly terminated a pregnancy at 7 weeks by medical abortion. I bleed continuously for almost a month following the procedure which culminated in a huge sudden loss of blood/clots and me being rushed to a&e. An emergency d&c was performed to remove retained products of conception which were never detected despite my repeated concerns. The bleeding stopped almost straight after the d&c and my period has returned to a regular cycle (although has reduced to 26 days instead of 28 and previous symptoms such as mood swings and sore breasts have disappeared) I’m now engaged and hope to try for a baby at the end of the year, at which point I’ll be 29. My question is will any of the above have hurt my chances? I worry about it constantly.

The simple answer is that your chances of a successful pregnancy in your next conception should be unaltered by the unfortunate experiences last time.

About 5% of medical terminations of pregnancy , even at 7 weeks , are incomplete , and may result in unscheduled heavy bleeding and an unexpected emergency procedure to complete the procedure. The fact that your periods have quickly returned to normal suggests that your body has returned to normal . Your fertility and ability to carry a baby to term should be the same as any other woman , of your age , with at least one previous pregnancy (regardless of whether the the pregnancy was terminated or ended naturally). However, some women do suffer psychologically after abortion , and may need some help before planning their next pregnancy. If this is the case , then please see your GP for further advice.

Don’t forget, that each pregnancy is different, and that the average time to conceive is approximately six months, so it may not happen straight away. So , start the folic acid and please read our chapter on planning a pregnancy.

Good luck.