Missed Miscarriage – Have I got retained products?

I was pregnant with my second child and at the 12 week scan I was informed I’d had a missed miscarriage. The baby’s heart had stopped beating around 9 weeks and the sac and foetus was small. 

Perhaps interesting i’d done a test that morning as I’d been bleeding and was worried and it said I was pregnant but only by 2-3 weeks.

I was bleeding lightly (mostly brown) so they suggested I let things happen naturally. 

It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m hardly bleeding at all anymore. It got a little bit stronger but it’s been light bleeding with some minor clots. Certainly no pain, no heavy blood loss, no noticeable large clots or foetal matter. Or is that all in films?! 

As the bleeding almost stopped I took another pregnancy test and it said not pregnant. 

But I’m pretty sure I have not expelled the ‘products of conception’. Could I have retained some of it? As I’m barely bleeding anymore and have no pain is that it over? 

If products have been retained would I need surgery to remove? Can you ‘absorb’ somehow and harmlessly?

Finally, how long should I wait before trying again and is there anything I should be doing to help things? I’m trying to be healthy but for understandable reasons the bar is currently open 🙂 

I think it is highly likely that you still have some retained products . You need to have another scan in order to check.

If this is confirmed then you can expect some further heavy bleeding with clots and tissue but there will be no recognisable Fetal parts.

It may occur any time or at your next”period”.

If the bleeding is very heavy you should go to A and E.

You may yet need a small procedure to empty the womb and it’s usually better to have this as a planned procedure rather than as an emergency.

After everything is sorted you need to wait for one normal period and then it’s safe to try again.

Your odds of a successful pregnancy should not be affected by this unfortunate outcome.

But do go and see your doctor/ gynaecologist/ early pregnancy assessment unit and they will advise you on how best to proceed.

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