Is it safe to take medication for Piles whilst breastfeeding?

Following a c section last October, I developed mastitis, then a breast abscess and was on antibiotics for 4 weeks. While fine immediately after birth (for around 2 months) my digestive system became a mess/constipated and I have developed internal anal piles. Although apparently mild, they are inflamed and I find them very uncomfortable so my GP has given me lactulose, hydrocortisone ointment and suppositories – are these safe to take while still breastfeeding? And are the piles likely to remain (can you ever get rid of them completely?) and get worse in a subsequent pregnancy? Oh the joys of pregnancy! 

The medications you are taking are perfectly safe during breast feeding. Yes, piles are often a recurrent problem in pregnancy, but are not always permanent. Each pregnancy is different.

If your symptoms are not helped by the regime suggested , then you might consider a referral to a colorectal specialist . Internal piles often respond to local injections, and rarely need surgery.

Do go back your doctor if you are not happy.