Marwood’s 5 Unprecdictables…concluded!

Well there you have it. Marwood’s five unpredictables.

I think I’ve seen almost every combination of Good /Bad in the 5 phases

Does anyone ever get all five Goods. Well yes, a few lucky ones, who often do not realise how lucky they really are.  They tend to think that they have discovered the secret to the Universe, and often have special tips on diet, exercise, breathing, baby care and so on, which will enable you to have a similar experience. But really it’s so often down to good fortune.

It’s extremely rare to get all five Bads. Perhaps a handful in 35 years perhaps. But when it does happen it takes a long time to recover with lots of input from professionals and friends and families. Sometimes it’s so traumatic that no more babies can be contemplated.

Most women experience at least one or two Bads, and you should be prepared for that .

Some unlucky folk can be served with three or four Bads, and you can’t always avoid these outcomes by throwing money or resources at the situation in the hope of a Baddy Bypass. Even Private care with total continuity of care and the latest technology does not prevent the colicky baby or the depressed mother.

So be prepared, drop your shoulders and thank your lucky stars that, hopefully, you have got a good team of midwives and doctors looking after you .

Perhaps , in the end , we would all like to think that, good care, in the widest sense  is the one predictable factor in this fascinating, but delightfully unpredictable journey that is reproduction.