If money is a little tight…

When I first fell pregnant, I was running my own business and had just had a very bad year financially..we had just moved house, money was tight and suddenly it felt like the wrong time to be starting a new family.

People will try and tell you that babies are cheap, they don’t really need anything except their mother’s love..blah blah .. but we all know that’s not really true! Even if you are lucky enough to be able to borrow the big money pieces, like the buggy and the bouncer and the sling, there are still so many little additional costs that seem to add up to more than the price of a mini break!  If your budget is already busting at the seams, then the thought of paying for an antenatal class can seem completely daunting..and that is where we want to help.

On every course we will reserve one place for a couple who are not feeling particularly flush – and we can either offer you the class for free, or you can just pay what you feel you can afford.  No one else on the course will know and it will never be mentioned.



We believe that preparation for the birth and what happens beyond is an essential part of your pregnancy and that noone should be excluded from receiving the best advice!

So if you are strapped for cash but you would still love to come to our classes, just fill out our contact form and we will try and help.

Please do share this with any mums-to-be who might be struggling.